Create United States Business

Setting Up Your Business in the United States

Set Up Biz in USInternational businesses that want to do business in Northern California face a mountain of issues.  To make this process simpler, Chahal & Associates is doing something about this.

Chahal & Associates has created a unique concept designed around making the process for helping international companies to smoothly and quickly establish a United States entity for doing business in California.

With this program, our team of experts is available to assist with business aspects of this transition.  And for the legal aspects, we will provide you with recommendations on the best immigration law firm for your particular circumstances.

The Chahal & Associates team will help you with the following issues:

  • Determining the type of entity most suitable for your business
  • Establishing a business entity
  • Obtaining all tax ID numbers and business licenses
  • United States tax expertise
  • Relocating employees to United States
  • Transfer pricing consulting and establishing United States payroll

Our team is fluent in six different languages ranging from English to Hindu to Punjabi and many more.

If you are seeking assistance for establishing a business in California, then our unique concept is ideal for you.

Call 510-222-5800 and ask for speak with Navjeet Chahal regarding your business.